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MiToras HaYeshiva

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Sharing Torah with our Community and Beyond!

Last school year, FYHS students launched a new weekly Torah publication under the guidance of FYHS Director of Student Affairs, Rabbi Daniel Kanter. The weekly publication, which can be found in shuls across Chicago and emailed each week, features original Divrei Torah from our students and rebbeim as well as transcription of shiurim of notable Roshei Yeshiva and talmidei chachamim. In advance of yom tov, Rabbi Ephraim Goldman, FYHS Mashgiach, coordinates a special edition that incorporates new and insightful ideas in honor of the Chag.

Special thank you to last year’s seniors editors, Daniel Lesser and Reuvi Kupchik, and this year’s senior editors, Shimon Herman and Ben Vladimirskiy, for their efforts to produce an incredibly popular Torah publication.

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