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Alumni Initiatives in Israel

We're very proud of alumni in Israel who are working tirelessly to support our chayalim and the thousands of people affected from communities across Israel. Please see below for a listing of fundraising initiatives promoted by our alumni.


If you are an alumnus and are promoting an initiative that is not listed here, please contact Rabbi Josh Zisook at, so we can include it in a future email.


Please note that HTC is sharing this information at our alumni’s requests but is not collecting any funds directly or taking financial responsibility for these initiatives.  


Promoted by Yitzchak Rabinovitz (FYHS ’72)

I am a graduate of HTC class 1972. I have been living in Israel for the past 45 years. During this time I have been involved in defense whether in the IDF or in industry. Over my life I have often reflected on the Jewish values that I received form HTC that has helped form my life. 


הקב"ה has granted me with 5 children who are תלמידי חכמים each in their own rite and who wake up every morning looking for ways to help Klal Yisrael. All of my sons and son-in law and nephews have been called into active duty (One is a Deputy Battalion Commander in the Shomron, one is in Gaza in an elite force, another in intelligence, another a tankist in the north and my son-in-law is in the Rabanut identifying bodies). We are all trying to help out in whatever way we can do to support the soldiers. Specifically, I have taken upon myself to support the soldiers of Gdud 9221. 


The army does supply the soldiers with all necessary combat gear, but as you can imagine enlisting 400000 soldiers within a small period of time leaves a logistic nightmare. 

Besides the official army issued equipment there are other things that can help the soldiers prepare and perform their missions more efficiently. This includes: 

  • Gun mounted flashlights 

  • Head mounted flashlights 

  • Leatherman field tool kits 

  • Work gloves 

  • Shlukerim (this is a camelback canteen that can be carried into the soldier’s carriage load) 

  • Ear plugs 

Also, there are some units, like Gdud 9221, who have been given vests (bullet proof vests) in poor condition. I have received specific lists from Gdud 9221 of items that can be of help.  Since then, I have been running around Israel looking for these items to buy. Almost all of these items are sold out as I am not the only one looking for these items.   

daily giving.jpg

Promoted by Dr. Jonathan Donath (FYHS ’98)


The Israel Emergency Fund for emergency medical aid, equipment for IDF soldiers, and the distribution of food and other essentials to those in need. It is being collected for distribution outside of Daily Giving’s regular daily distribution.


Promoted by Rabbi Josh Kanter (FYHS ’01) 

Started by Jerry Latinik (FYHS Parent and former Chicagoan) 


Due to the unprecedented and violent attack by our enemies, thousands of Israeli soldiers and reserves are being called up, with thousands more injured and being displaced. Just One Chesed is collecting funds to help those in need due to this catastrophe in addition to distributing much needed supplies to our brave soldiers. Please consider donating and helping our brothers and sisters being affected by this tragedy.

bid for hope.JPG

Promoted by Daniel Kutoff (FYHS ’69) 


75th Anniversary Commemorative Opal Israel Pendant to Support Victims of Recent Terror Attacks in Israel - Join us in supporting United Hatzalah, a community-based volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) organization dedicated to delivering lightning-fast responses to medical crises across Israel and the world.

west bank.JPG

Promoted by Aaron Frolich (FYHS ’02)


Fundraiser started by my brother in-law, Jeff Fantl (past Yeshivas Hakayitz counselor) to help his reserve unit of 80 IDF soldiers deep in the West Bank to keep them well fed with nutritious food as they're called for service and away from their families.


Promoted by Dr. Shmuel (Ricky) Zimmerman (FYHS ’99)

I live settlement of *Pne Kedem in the southeast of Gush Etzion* and am currently serving in reserve duty in Tzahal protecting Israel's northern border. My settlement *Pne Kedem* is making considerable efforts these days to add security measures to our settlement due to the threats surrounding us. 

Due to the limited resources of the Israeli government during this difficult period are limited, there are still security deficiencies that we are trying to complete, including lighting around the periphery of the Pne Kedem, night vision equipment, an additional bomb shelter, binoculars, a Ranger utility vehicle for an additional patrol, security cameras, communication devices, ceramic vests and more. 

*We have set ourselves a goal of 300,000 shekel (~$100,000) in order to make up the shortfall and we are now embarking together on a fundraising campaign. * 

We ask you to be partners in our effort to increase the security of our settlement and its residents in the complex reality in which we live. 

*Every donation is important! * 

Israel Relief fund.JPG

Promoted by Shalom Menora (FYHS '81) 


In honor of his sons currently serving in the IDF (within Golani and the other in an undisclosed unit) and in memory of his father Moshe Menora A"H (a former HTC board member and veteran of the IDF). 

Shalom Menora, alongside his son Judah, are raising funds for IDF units and communities across Israel. To date, they have raised over $300,000 and need your help to do more. The website wants to allow you to join them, not only in the financial support, but in being part of the story and journey through their eyes.

All donations are tax deductible.


Promoted by Sam Sadoff (FYHS ’09)


The northern city of Hispin, where I live, is located seven minutes from the Syrian border and is fundraising for much-needed security equipment for the local alert platoon.  Seeking funds to upgrade security infrastructure and procure safety equipment. 

protect yishuvim.JPG

Promoted by Michael May (FYHS ’98)


Our Yishuvim in the Golan Heights are at risk of an attack and need our help. They are surrounded by Lebanon, Syria and terrorist hubs all around, and are urgently fundraising to protect their residents. The civil defense squads (who saved 1000s of lives last week in the South) need security equipment, lifesaving first aid supplies, and assistance in equipping bomb shelters as well as making essential repairs.



bnei akiva.png

Promoted by Ely Katz (FYHS ’87)


Our sons were recently called up together with the 300,000 reservists. We are collecting and overseeing funds for distribution of tactical gear for reservists as quality gear is limited. We are procuring the specific approved gear in conjunction with approved suppliers. Gear includes bulletproof vests, boots, tactical bags, helmets, pocket knives, army tzitzit, guitars and additional needs as they become necessary. 


Donation through Bnei Akiva. 

Type in “Chayalim” in the other donation box. 

World zionist organization.gif

Promoted by Chaim Goldberg (FYHS ’11)

In conjunction with WZO  

Many families continue evacuating from the South and North and are looking for empty apartments to live in temporarily during the war. Estimates are this will go on for at least another two months. Chaim Goldberg is helping make these "shidduchim" for apartments in Yerushalayim and RBS.


If you or someone you know has an empty apartment in Jerusalem or RBS and would like to do an incredible act of Hachnasat Orchim, please message Chaim at +972584653995 or  

Even if it is completely empty, it will be stocked with basic essentials and made livable. If there are any specific requests you have such as no kids or only religious, etc, feel free to mention them. Chaim will meet with prospective families, explain to them anything the apartment owner wants them to be careful about, and ensure that the apartment is left in its original state of cleanliness once they leave.  

There are whole families under constant rocket fire, mothers with kids whose father is away in reserves, elderly or disabled families, and many families who are also forced to evacuate.  

Tizku lmitzvos and Yasher Koach. Thank you and may we hear only good news!

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