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Mazel Tov to our Graduating Class of 2022!

On June 15, 2022, Rabbi Oscar Z. Fasman Yeshiva High School celebrated its sixty-first commencement ceremony! Following a very special family dinner at the Yeshiva, the 2022 graduation ceremony took place at the Holiday Inn North Shore, in Skokie, located just down the street. Opening and closing remarks were delivered by the co-student body Presidents, Donny Friedman (Chicago) and Kobe Gordon (Glendale, AZ). Avidon Garfinkel (Chicago) delivered a beautiful D’Var Torah. Boaz Greenfield (Chicago) presented an impressive speech in Hebrew (Ivrit). Benjamin Vladimirskiy (Chicago) offered a reflective Salutatory speech, looking back over the class of 2022’s time at Fasman. Finally, Yitzchak Brown (Saint Paul, MN) delivered a forward-looking Valedictory address, talking about the class of 2022 going out to take on the world.

In addition to the active role our students played in the program, Rabbi Levy Sheinfeld delivered Tehillim, and both Rabbi Kupchik and Rosh HaYeshiva Emeritus Rabbi Avraham Friedman addressed the students and their families as well. Mr. Brian Levinson and Rabbi Shabsai Wolfe, the Co-chairman of the HTC Board of Directors, along with General Studies Principal Mr. Peter Gobel, presented the students their diplomas and awards. The evening was also supplemented with wonderful music performed by musician and community member, Yechiel Pisem.

All together the evening celebrated twenty-nine graduating 12th graders, hailing from six different states around the country! On behalf of all the families, school support staff, teachers, rebbeim, and administration, we want to wish the graduating class of 2022 a heartfelt mazel tov, and the very best of luck, in all their pursuits!

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