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The Yeshiva has a century-long, illustrious history. The history of the Yeshiva is more than the story of the institution; it is a unique blend of the dreams, aspirations, and hard work of many community leaders, teachers and students. The Yeshiva has played an oversized role in the story of Orthodoxy in Chicago and of the spread of Torah in America.


The Centennial book will showcase a century of Torah, communal, and personal growth and inspiration. A goal of this project is to capture the stories and ‘life’ of the Yeshiva through various phases of the last 100 years. The book will not only contain a historical narrative of the Yeshiva, but will also highlight many of the special figures in the Yeshiva’s history, including Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbeim, administration, students, alumni and lay leaders.


Help us tell the Yeshiva’s story by sharing your memories by clicking here.


Sponsorships of pages, sections and biographies are available. Please contact Mrs. Alexis Goldstein at 847.982.2500 x1133 or for more information.

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