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Rabbi  Chaim Twerski teaching at HTC


HTC is writing a book to mark the 100th anniversary of our Yeshiva. We're looking to include vignettes about your experience at the Yeshiva and memories of your Rebbeim, faculty and overall experience.

​A few things to think about...

  • Why did you choose the Yeshiva over other yeshivas or schools? 

  • How did your Yeshiva experience prepare you for your future life? 

  • Who were your Rabbeim? How have they influenced you?

  • Can you recall one or two very interesting things that happened when you were in the Yeshiva?

  • Looking back, what would you say makes the Yeshiva such a special place?

Please share your memories by choosing one of the following: 

To share pictures, use any of the above options, or​ Share on WhatsApp

Please label all media so we know how to categorize it. 

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