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The Sarah Hartman Women's College Honors Program - A Year in Review

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

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The main focus in the Honors Program was to examine a topic from all angles. Last year the students chose to delve into the concept of academic leveling within elementary and high school education. Esteemed experts in diverse disciplines such as halacha, school administration, social work, and gifted education were invited to contribute their valuable insights, thereby ensuring a comprehensive examination of the matter from all conceivable angles. The students prepared for each presentation by developing quality questions for the presenters, preparing related articles, and completing thoughtful reflections afterwards. At the end of all the presentations, the students held a round table discussion to deliberate on the ideal course of action.

Furthermore, the students actively participated in the production of the Apogee, the academic journal of Hartman Women’s College. Their involvement encompassed meticulous content editing, citation verification, and communication between all stakeholders. A copy of the final Apogee was made available during the graduation ceremony, and additional copies can be obtained from the office.

We were also privileged to host a series of informative presentations during the spring semester, encompassing various aspects of personal and professional development. Noteworthy among these were Mindy Zissman's discussion on careers and networking and Mrs. Tzippy Kohen's connecting empathy in challenging situations with our observance of sefira.

In addition, the culmination of each semester was marked by compelling thesis presentations, which are a defining moment in the academic journey of our honor students. An array of thought-provoking topics was discussed, including nutrition in the medieval history, ethical considerations in business practices, genetic issues pertaining to temporomandibular joint disorders, the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the emotional and physical development of children, and the correlation between a woman's menstrual cycle and exercise. These thesis presentations were held at the conclusion of both the fall and spring semesters, displaying the students' scholarly accomplishments.

As we bid farewell to our graduating honor students and extend our heartfelt wishes for their future academic pursuits and professional aspirations, we eagerly anticipate welcoming new honor students in the upcoming fall semester, as well as supporting our continuing students in their upcoming thesis projects.

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