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New Second Seder & Revamped Mishmar

Historically, only FYHS 12th grade students attended second seder. Well, that‘s no longer the case! This year FYHS debuted a second seder program for the entire student body, in addition to morning shiur and night seder. Every afternoon, each shiur learns with a different rebbe than they learned with in the morning, thereby adding a different flavor of limud haTorah to their day.

Thursday night Mishmar, dedicated in memory of Gale Rothner A"H, which meets after night seder, has turned into one of the most popular learning programs. Each week, over 100 Yeshiva and 7th and 8th grade students learn b’chavrusa and attend chaburas with our Kollel and rebbeim. While at mishmar talmidim enjoy popcorn chicken and cholent followed by raffles for special prizes such as Apple Airpods and gift cards.

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