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Inspirational Guests at FYHS

HaRav Moshe Stav, the Kaliver Rebbe, and Rabbi Mordechai Willig

Over the past few weeks, FYHS has been honored to host a series of esteemed guests, offering our talmidim unparalleled opportunities for spiritual growth and inspiration. Each visitor enriched the lives of our students with their wisdom and experiences.

On February 15th, we had the incredible zechus to welcome HaRav Moshe Stav. As the Rosh Kollel at Derech Etz Chaim in Yerushalayim and a longtime Ra"m at Yeshivat Kerem BYavneh, Rav Stav's extensive experience and profound insights into Torah study deeply impacted our students. Thank you to Rabbi Reuven Brand and the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago for making this possible.

Another highlight was the visit from the Kaliver Rebbe on February 8th. The Rebbe's encouraging words and chizzuk on how to persevere and overcome life's obstacles resonated deeply with our boys. Every student had the opportunity for a personal shalom aleichem.

On February 18th were privileged to have Rabbi Mordechai Willig, a distinguished Rosh Yeshiva and the Rabbi Dr. Sol Roth Chair in Talmud and Contemporary Halacha at Yeshiva University, visit FYHS. Rabbi Willig provided our talmidim with a profound connection to our living Mesorah and practical Jewish living.

These visits from such distinguished Torah personalities have been so uplifting and have also significantly contributed to the spiritual and intellectual growth of our students.

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