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HTC Rabbeim Visit Alumni Learning in Yeshiva in Israel

Before winter break, Rabbi Goldman, dedicated FYHS Senior Rebbe and Israel Guidance Counselor, visited Israel to immerse himself in the world of the different post-high school yeshivas. His mission: to experience these yeshivos firsthand, ensuring he can offer our talmidim the most insightful and personalized advice for their year in Israel. Rabbi Goldman was also able to reconnect with his talmidim who are currently learning in yeshivas in Eretz Yisrael, strengthening their kesher as well as deepening their connection to FYHS.

In addition to Rabbi Goldman, in the end of January Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, Menahel of FYHS, had the wonderful opportunity to visit and catch up with many of our alumni who are spending the year in Israel as well.

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