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HTC Launches "The Yeshiva Network" Platform for Alumni

In an exciting move to strengthen connections within its vast alumni community, HTC has officially launched "The Yeshiva Network," an innovative platform designed to foster professional networking, mentoring, and communal engagement among its alumni.

Since its launch, "The Yeshiva Network" has rapidly grown to 158 members, with alumni from a range of fields all in one place. The platform offers specialized groups catering to industries including accounting, legal, healthcare, Jewish education, and medical professions, allowing for targeted networking and knowledge sharing. It also provides a place to stay in touch with fellow alumni, opportunities for mentorship, career networking, job opportunities, and events.

One of the newest features of "The Yeshiva Network" is its extensive archive of Yeshiva yearbooks, spanning decades! This treasure trove of memories allows alumni to reminisce about their time at HTC, reconnect with classmates, and witness the Yeshiva's evolution over the years.

Not yet a member? Signing up in less than two minutes. By joining "The Yeshiva Network," you become part of an everlasting support system aimed at enriching both your professional and personal life. Embrace this opportunity to reconnect, network, and grow. Welcome to the future of alumni engagement at HTC.

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