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HTC Hosts East Coast Centennial Alumni Reunion

It was a tremendous honor to welcome over 200 Yeshiva alumni to our East Coast Centennial Reunion last Thursday night, December 8th in Teaneck, NJ. It was wonderful to see so many alumni from all years, who came out to celebrate and connect with their alma mater.

This event was a truly magical evening filled with an amazing energy in celebration of HTC100. Alumni reminisced with old friends and Rebbeim, over a beautiful fleishig spread and cocktails with heartfelt music by Eitan Katz.

During the evening, alumni had an opportunity to be featured on The Yeshiva Show podcast with Duv and Mo and write a letter in our Centennial Sefer Torah. It was so special to welcome the Rosh HaYeshiva Emeritus, Rabbi Avraham Friedman and past HTC administrators: Rabbi Dr. Don Well, President Emeritus; Rabbi Dr. Jerold Isenberg, Chancellor Emeritus; Rabbi Yosef Blau, Past FYHS Principal; current HTC CEO, Rabbi Shmuel Schuman and Touro University President, Dr. Alan Kadish. Alumni were super excited to see their old rebbeim, Rabbi Aaron Cardash, Rabbi Tsvi Haskell, Rabbi Yosef Polstein, Rabbi Ben-Zion Rand, Rabbi Chaim Twerski, Rabbi Shmuel Weiss and Rabbi Zvi Zimmerman. All who attended, left with a renewed sense of connection and more importantly a Chicago's finest, Romanian salami!

We hope to see our East Coast alumni again soon at our Centennial Gala on June 4th!

For more pictures from this event, please visit our Events Gallery.

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