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HTC Holds Hachtara for Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Moshe Revah

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

HTC was thrilled to celebrate Rabbi Moshe Revah shlit”a, new Rosh HaYeshiva of HTC, at the Hachtara on Monday evening, October 30th. Hundreds gathered in the Beis Midrash to welcome Rabbi Revah and wish him mazel, bracha, and hatzlacha in his new role. The program began with tehillim for acheinu in Eretz Yisrael led by Rabbi Binyomin Olstein, Menahel of the Hartman Women’s College of Touro and Rosh Yeshiva of HTC. We then heard divrei bracha from Dr. Alan Kadish, President of Touro University, followed by Rabbi Yona Reiss, Av Beis Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council, Rabbi Dovid Zucker, Rosh Kollel of the Chicago Community Kollel and Rabbi Shmuel Schuman, CEO of HTC. The evening culminated with Rabbi Revah’s Hachtara drasha and lively dancing.

We look forward to Rabbi Revah flourishing as the Rosh HaYeshiva and bringing renewed light and energy to the Yeshiva!

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