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FYHS Rebbeim Visit Alumni Studying in Israel

During winter break, Rabbi Zvi Zimmerman, Mashgiach Ruchani in HTC, visited our boys in Yeshivas in Israel. Our alumni and hundreds of other students learning in Israel had the unique opportunity to hear his inspiring and impactful Divrei Torah.

Following his visit, Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, Menahel/Principal of FYHS, visited many Yeshivas as well. On Thursday, January 19th, Rabbi Kupchik visited Yeshivat Hakotel, where our alumni and many other students learning in Israel had the opportunity to hear his impactful Dvar Torah about how mussar and middos can best be learned by having the right role models.

We’re so proud to see our students’ progress and wish them continued hatzlacha throughout the year!

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