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FYHS Hosts Shabbos of Inspiration with Moshe Storch

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This past Shabbos, FYHS hosted an inspiring schoolwide Shabbaton. Friday night was kicked off with an uplifting kabalas Shabbos, complete with dancing and singing, led by acclaimed singer and songwriter, Moshe Storch. The boys heard divrei Torah and chizuk from our Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Moshe Revah, who put the Shabbaton in context amidst the war in Israel, explaining how we have the responsibility to dance and be b’simcha on behalf of all of those who are unable to right now. Following dinner, the boys participated in an oneg with Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, 12th grade Rebbe and Mashgiach of DRS High School, who spoke about the important of always being b’simcha. Shabbos day, the FYHS students were privileged to a special Mussaf led by Moshe Storch, preceded by a drasha from our special guest, Rabbi Cohen. The boys had a shalosh seudos filled with singing and divrei chizuk about the importance of reaching out to Hashem and growing through our relationships bein adam lichaveiro. After Shabbos, the boys joined Moshe Storch for a special Melava Malka. After starting off the night with a powerful group tehillim for our chayalim, the boys joined together in singing and dancing, a powerful way to end Shabbos.

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