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Fasman Yeshiva Seniors Travel to NY to Launch V'haarev Na

This year, Fasman Yeshiva High School is thrilled to launch the V’haarev Na learning program here at the Yeshiva. As a kickoff to this program, the Senior Class traveled together to New York with Rabbi Moshe Revah, HTC Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbi Ephraim Goldman, FYHS Rebbe where they had the special opportunity to meet Rabbi Dovid Newman, the founder of the V’haarev Na program. The boys heard all about the special learning program designed to enable students to learn, master, and “own” the Gemara. As part of our exciting kickoff, the boys also enjoyed a surprise visit and kumzitz with singer and songwriter R' Baruch Levine. "We're very excited for our talmidim to take this on! It will, with Hashem's help, electrify the way they approach learning and will bring an excitement and passion to their Torah learning and avodas Hashem," said Rabbi Moshe Revah. Special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Heinemann for welcoming our talmidim to Monsey and sharing his reflections about this life-changing program. We look forward to seeing our students grow in their mastery of the Gemara throughout the rest of the year and beyond!

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