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Empowering Future Generations: Sarah Hartman Women’s College of Touro's Expansive Impact on Education and Community

HTC is incredibly proud of Sarah Hartman Women’s College of Touro (SHWC) for its continued commitment to educating young women in the community. Recent trips to Eretz Yisrael by the women's college leadership provided the opportunity to speak to seminary students as well as forge deeper relationships with top programs for recruitment. The college is actively expanding its academic offerings and welcoming students from all over the United States, Canada, South America, South Africa, and Israel. It is also making a significant impact locally by providing college-level classes to high school students in Chicago to allow them to gain a head start on their college degree.  


Thanks to the generous support of the Ralla Klepak Foundation for Education in the Performing Arts, students in the college have lead hundreds of young girls in the performing arts such as art, dance, choir, and drama through special programs held on Sundays. We have also had the recent  zchus to welcome visiting children from Israel into the program, to help them experience joy and healing, following the trauma of war.


The college's outreach extends to older adults as well, through the monthly Sam T. and Sara W. Cohen High Tea and Torah lectures. These gatherings create a unique intergenerational learning environment by bringing together post-seminary women and older adults in a cozy, home-like setting for shared learning experiences. Complementing these efforts are the Lillian Chavatzelet Kahn Torah Institute I and II classes, designed for adult women who wish to learn Tanach and gain skills at the  beginning and intermediate levels.


Looking ahead, the SHWC is enthusiastic about its ongoing efforts to attract outstanding students to our program, and innovate and develop new educational opportunities that cater to the diverse age groups within the community. 

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