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Commemorative HTC Sukkos Poster to be Distributed in Community Shuls

In honor of the 100th anniversary, HTC is proud to present a commemorative Sukkos poster featuring the HTC Roshei Yeshiva Z"TL over the past century. This beautifully designed poster looks back on the last 100 years, from where the Yeshiva began on Douglas Boulevard to our current location in Skokie. Posters will be available for pickup in local Chicagoland area shuls. Interested in picking up a poster, but live outside of Illinois? Fill out this form to have a poster delivered to you!

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2 Σχόλια

03 Οκτ 2022

Thank you for the poster I receive it today . Seven of the Rabbis were there when I attended.

Class of 73

Harold M. Wolf

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30 Σεπ 2022

I am so looking forward to receiving a copy of the poster. I fondly remember my years in the yeshiva having been in both Rabbi Gotlieb's shiur and spending my last year in Rabbi (Mashkiach) Wernick's shiur.

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