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Become an FYHS Gym Builder!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

We're excited to put the finishing touches on our new gym!

For the first time in 100 years, our Yeshiva, established in 1921 with its doors first opening in 1922, will have a gym of its own! Our students and campers will now be able to use our gym to play sports throughout the day and for our basketball teams to compete on their home court! With your help we are opening the gym for our students in February! Throughout this process we have had many partners, donors, and builders helping us along the way. Special thank you to Mr. Eric Rothner for his dedication, vision, and extraordinary lead gift to make the Rothner Family Gymnasium a reality.

As the gym building project comes to a close, we are reaching out to our alumni, friends, and supporters to join us in the incredible project and help us see it through to the end. Donations of $1,000+ will be prominently displayed on our donor recognition plaque in the entryway to the gym and will be recognized as part of the HTC Centennial Capital Campaign.

Your generous sponsorship will help transform the Yeshiva experience by promoting healthy recreation for our students as part of a well-rounded Yeshiva education. Our Fasman Yeshiva High School students and Yeshivas HaKayitz campers will play competitive sports in our own indoor gym. The gym will also serve as a community gym for alumni and community partners.

We hope you will help us in covering some of the additional costs and encourage you to please contact Avery Amster at to learn more and make a gift.

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