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The Power of Women’s Education

Blitstein is more than an educational program within a college; it is a pathway forward for young Orthodox women, a vehicle for strengthening Orthodox families, and a resource for our community. A transformed and expanded campus will bolster our enrollment, finally matching our physical facilities with our exceptional Torah-based educational experience.


HTC recently seized the opportunity to purchase the former Yeshiva Ohr Boruch building adjacent to Blitstein’s current home. This momentous initiative is the first step of the transformation of the campus that will strengthen Blitstein Institute and our community by:

• CREATING A COLLEGIATE CAMPUS FOR OUR STUDENTS with spacious classrooms filled with natural light; a modern library for 21st century learning; a student lounge and café; reimagined living spaces and dormitory; and inviting outdoor space for social and educational engagement.

• ENRICHING THE STUDENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE with new resource areas for writing, math, and academic advising; more faculty offices and an additional science lab; a performing arts venue; and spaces for large student and communal gatherings.

• EXPANDING BLITSTEIN’S REACH AND IMPACT IN THE COMMUNITY as a dedicated women’s Torah learning center, with continuing education, wellness, nutrition, and social opportunities as the community destination for Orthodox women to grow, connect, and thrive.

• ANCHORING THE WEST ROGERS PARK ORTHODOX COMMUNITY with a lecture space and venue for community events.


For more information and to make a meaningful gift, please contact Mrs. Alexis Goldstein at 847.982.2500 x1133 or

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