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A Weekend with Eitan Katz

The Tisch with Eitan Katz and The Shabbos of Inspiration with Eitan Katz

The Tisch with Eitan Katz

On Thursday evening, November 10th, HTC formally launched its Centennial celebration at The Tisch with world-renowned singer and composer, Eitan Katz. Over 250 alumni and benefactors gathered at Via Venue in Chicago for an inspiring evening filled with heartfelt singing, dancing and divrei Torah, enjoyed over a delicious meat buffet and cocktails. The electrifying tisch and kumzitz uplifted everyone there while allowing old and new friends to connect.

The event opened with HTC alumnus, Efrayim Prero, welcoming the crowd and formally announcing that HTC's Rosh HaYeshiva Emeritus, Rabbi Avraham and Rebbetzin Tamar Friedman, will be honored at our June 4th Centennial Gala. Rabbi Friedman shared divrei Torah and described the impact the Yeshiva had on the Torah world over the last 100 years. In addition, Rabbi Yaakov Silverman, a new dynamic Rebbe at Fasman Yeshiva High School, shared divrei chizuk and charged the crowd toward the end of the evening. The alumni also had an opportunity to share their Yeshiva experiences on the air during a live edition of The Yeshiva Show podcast with Duv and Moe. Special thank you to the dedicated committee members who made the evening so memorable. Please stay tuned for more exciting Centennial celebrations in Chicago and worldwide.

For more pictures from The Tisch , Please visit our Events Gallery

The Shabbos of Inspiration with Eitan Katz

On Shabbos Parashas Vayera, our students and Rebbeim had the special opportunity to join together at the Yeshiva for our annual Shabbos of Inspiration. This year, we were honored to welcome world-renowned singer and composer Eitan Katz, who inspired our students with his powerful and heartfelt niggunim. On Friday night, Eitan led Kabbalas Shabbos followed by a beautiful seuda, filled with zemiros and a Yeshiva-wide Tisch. After davening on Shabbos morning, the students had a meaningful Shabbos afternoon filled with Limud HaTorah, ruach, and chizuk. The Shabbos of Inspiration culminated with havdala, bombardment in the gym and a grand Melava Malka with a concert-kumzitz joined by eighth graders.

Special thank you to our sponsors who helped to make this Shabbos such an inspiration for our students!

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